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Gina Carrera is an alluring blonde vixen who starred in scores of films during the video explosion of the 1980's. Gina Carrera's an intoxicating beauty with a stare that bores right through you and a body that will never bore you. Gina Carrera had one of the tightest bodies in 80's porn, a breast-heavy concoction of sensuous curves topped off with a mop of curly blonde locks. Gina Carrera broke into porn in 1984 and quickly began cranking out tape after tape full of white-hot sex.

Gina Carrera's early work displays an utter lack of acting talent that is rarely seen even in porn, but her drop-dead good looks and passion between the sheets insured her of work. In fact, her character in 1984's 'Space Virgins' was re-written as telepathic after Her repeated attempts to make her way through the dialogue went nowhere. She actually worked on her acting, though, using her numerous low-budget film credits to hone her craft until she was no worse than any other porn pretty.

By the time of her retirement in 1990, Gina Carrera had crafted her own niche in the industry. She was an arousing sexual talent who much prefered men to women, a preference that was obvious from one look at her man-gobbling sexual presence. She appeared in some of the top sex films of the 80's, including 'New Wave Hookers,' 'Sexavision,' and 'Lust on the Orient Xpress.'

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Birthdate : October 5, 1963
Astrology : Libra
Birth Location : Texas, USA
Hair Color : Blond
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Known Alias : Bang Bang, Jenna , Julie Winchester, Julie Colt


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